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Where can i buy a cheap guitar so i can learn to play it ??

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Avish_Koonjul 04 Jun 2012


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gices 04 Jun 2012

You can buy from Damoo in Port-Louis (opposite Jardin Companie).

The problem is that cheap guitars don't sound well. Most people tend to go for acoustic guitars rather than classic ones (nylon strings). The best thing to do is bring a friend who knows guitar well so that they can tell you what the lowest priced guitar you can get without compromising too much on music quality.

Btw, why don't you try getting a second hand guitar or borrow one from an acquaintance? Many people start off very motivated but afterwards think playing guitar is not for them or don't have time to practice. So it would be a good idea to get someone to lend you theirs initially even if it's for a week or two.


You may be interested in our new dedicated music forum where we help people wanting to learn how to play a musical instrument.

PK_Master 14 Jan 2013

Greetings, what are the best electric guitar brands in Mauritius....
Are Yamaha electric guitars good?

Thank you.

Khush_Mendossa 14 Jan 2013

Yamaha guitars are good. But don't buy its ampli.

J_Ramdoo 25 Sep 2013

Where can i get a fender similar to kaya's in Mauritius?

Wasil_Nunhuck 25 Feb 2013

And where can I have guitar courses!!
any suggestions?

Khush_Mendossa 26 Feb 2013

Where do you live?

anonymous_4 07 Apr 2013

I need a really good sounding Yamaha guitar for beginners. anywhere can buy one??

Prince_Cuteboy 07 Apr 2013

yamaha f 310p is a good one but i don't know about its price

P'tite-POupette_NiDz 27 Dec 2012

hUmmm am lOoking fOr an acOustic gUitar..


am nOt bEing able tO buy One bEcAuse i knOw nOthing abOut it..

i am nOt being able tO chOose whAt kinD of acOustic gUitar is bEst..

plizz sOmeone whO kNows abOut guitAr ...

plizz plizz lEt me hAve sOme dEtails about it..


gices 27 Dec 2012

Please write in proper English and use capital letters only where appropriate. Since this is your first time on this site, it might be a good idea to read the FAQ because you've replied to a question not with an answer but rather with a question of your own.

Anyway, for a beginner, you should either buy a second hand guitar or get a cheap one to get you started. The answers above have all the details you require.

Khush_Mendossa 04 Jun 2012

Cheap? You won't be able to play! I have nearly 10 years experience in guitar playing and believe me, cheap guitars will discourage you. (Don't buy guitars in general shops. It's around Rs800.)

So, if you want to learn to play, buy a good quality guitar. It's around Rs1500 to Rs2000. A Taurus brand will do the work just fine ;)

My suggestions:
Hasamal - Curepipe
Damoo - Port-Louis
Columbia - La Louise, Quatres-Bornes
Sterling House - Belle Rose
Not remembering the name but there's a good musical instrument shop face to face to Magic Lantern arcade in Rose-Hill.

And in every Kalachand/Yamaha showroom you'll get good guitars.

By the way you looking for nylon or steel?