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Why is Port Louis cheaper than Rose Hill?

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Peaches 27 Jun 2012

I was recently in Rose Hill and decided to do some shopping, as a mother of a young child, they grow quickly, I decided to seize the opportunity and stock up on some 'winter' clothes. I was so shocked at the prices, they were more than Port Louis, in some cases double the price and this was the market! Why is it so expensive there, I just don't get it?


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moricien 28 Jun 2012

Yeah, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes, Curepipe and the surrounding areas, clothes and other stuffs tend to be much more expensive than that at Port-Louis. Just like you are asking this question, I once asked this question from someone. Then he told me, Port-Louis is already the center of commerce since very long, and usually it is from Port-Louis that clothes and other materials are distributed around the Island.. that's why it tends to be more expensive there..

sarah_7 23 Dec 2019

Port louis is where goods arrive in Mauritius. Also a good portion of its inhabitants are from suburbs and thus have lower purchasing power. People living at rose hill and curepipe tend to be more educated have higher paying jobs and thus more buying power

gices 28 Jun 2012

I think the competition is fiercer in P-Louis because there are more shops and more people selling on the streets. Therefore, prices are lowered to make it more appealing and the sellers are able to do that because the asking prices are way over what they bought the items for and as a result, even with low prices, they will still make a profit.