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Foreigners Boycotting Mauritius?

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Peaches 21 Jul 2012

Since the murder trial of Michaela McAreavey a lot of foreigners from Ireland in particular have started to boycott Mauritius, there are even facebook pages with thousands of followers. Do you think that tourism in Mauritius will suffer? Just want to hear people's opinions.


Khush_Mendossa 22 Jul 2012

Even myself would boycott such a country if I happened to be a tourist.

Peaches 22 Jul 2012


Mark_Smith 30 Oct 2012

IMO, the guilty were found but the jury was dumb.

gices 22 Jul 2012

Tourism is definitely going to be affected because of the bad image that is being portrayed in the different media (newspaper/television/internet) abroad. Although Ireland and UK are different countries, they still have a friendship bond which is very strong and that could very well influence UK tourists coming on holiday here.

sphinx 21 Jul 2012

The Facebook Page Boycott Mauritius has around 2300 likes and there seems to be a few Mauritians who have joined it as well. I saw a new group on facebook called "Against Boycott Mauritius Page" or something like that and they had more than 10,000 members. This seems to be the new trend now - debating about the murder of this woman.

Bad publicity can really harm the reputation of Mauritius and if something is not done about it, then less tourists will come here. Some people still don't know where our island is located and if the first time they hear about it is in the form of a place where you can easily be murdered and not get justice, then surely it's going to put off many people.

ziya 21 Jul 2012

You are right there are many people who dont even know where Mauritius is now when they would hear about it Mauritius is going to have a bad image.Lets hope that people understand that visiting a country does not mean that you will be killed there.

anonymous_4 06 Jan 2013

Foreigners murdered in European country even in America, Canada,UK, Australia nobody talk about that. Mauritius is a small Island nation so they can talk bla bla. Agni

ziya 21 Jul 2012

Who actually murdered her?