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Why does everything here get ruined so easily?

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Peaches 12 Apr 2013

All my pulses contain bugs no matter what brand I buy and I have bought flour three times this month and they all contained maggot eggs. It's so frustrating, I buy some red lentils and the same day I go to open it there is already bugs inside. Same for flour.

It's only here in Mauritius I have found this problem, why is it?


gices 16 Apr 2013

Mauritius is a warm country and therefore there are all sorts of insects/bugs which you always find in a tropical country. Many people I know store many of their food in their fridge eg powdered milk, fruits and all things which do not come in cans instead of keeping them on a table or shelf. You might need to do the same thing.

Peaches 21 Apr 2013

I figured this was the case, its such a shame.

But I bought a different brand the other day and was very happy, it so much better than the premium brand I bought previously.