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Malaria outbreak in Mauritius?

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Peaches 20 Jun 2012

Is there a malaria outbreak in Mauritius at the moment? I heard that there was but cannot find any official info regarding this? Can anyone confirm this please?


gices 20 Jun 2012

Since this is a serious issue, I decided to call the Communicable Diseases Control Unit on 464 80 47 to find out. There have been 2 cases of malaria in Ollier (Quatre-Bornes) recently and it was 2 Mauritians. Upon investigation, they found out that the Mauritians got the disease from an expat from India who lives there and everyone affected has now been treated.

It is recommended to get rid of stagnant water from your house (roofs etc) to avoid mosquitoes breeding as they are the cause of the disease.

So just to re-iterate, there's no Malaria outbreak in the country at the moment.

Peaches 20 Jun 2012

Thanks I called them too, lol

Minashou 20 Jun 2012

Thanks Peaches and Gices :)