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Police brutality on accused murderer in Mauritius

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Peaches 26 May 2012

A while back there was a case where an Irish couple were on honeymoon in Mauritius and the newlywed bride was murdered at the 5 star hotel Lengends. Well the accused is now on trial at the Supreme Court in Port Louis, he says that he was beaten and tortured until he confessed. Read the article here

What do you think of this case?


moricien 26 May 2012
Its usually like this here in Mauritius.. They will force the innocents to accept crimes which they didn't commit.
Iron_Man 26 May 2012
in Mauritius, the police cannot really do anything until the accused confess his/her crime...
their ability to find any solid evidence is very they rely mostly on confessions..
they also want to close the case as quickly as possible, which means that they might rely on brutality to get false confessions...

as for the said case, the accused might be lying to be cleared from any charges against him..
Khush_Mendossa 26 May 2012
Everything part of a case can be fabricated. Let us wait for the verdict/s.