Can I get a new Identity Card at Rose Hill??

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nitasha 21 May 2012
Have heard that to get a new identity card, have to go to Port-Louis.
is that right?? Or I can get one a Rose Hill itself??

I lost my ID card and am not sure I can get one at Rose Hill itself or need to go to Port Louis.

Please let me know?


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Khush_Mendossa 21 May 2012
You can get it a Rose-Hill. But it is better to go at Port-Louis (from experience and feedback).
gices 21 May 2012
I'd like to hear why (from your experience or feedback) you shouldn't get it from rose-hill. Is the service bad there or something else?
Peaches 22 May 2012
Port Louis is better, really? I went there it was so terrible, there is no organisation and queues are just ridiculous. Luckily I was given an appointment and came back and sailed through, though this was 9am and there was not many people there.
Khush_Mendossa 22 May 2012
From the Rose-Hill when I went there no one was there and the security told me that the officer in charge is a big 'paress', 4 years ago. I got mine rapidly at Port-Louis.
gices 21 May 2012

Yes, you can get one at Rose-Hill, Ground floor, NPF building, Old Moka Road.

See this link :

There's no need to go to P-Louis!