Why is the government planning to eradicate private tuitions for secondary education?

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Peaches Level 3
If that's true then I am very happy, Mauritian children spend too much time learning as it is, they need to have fun too! There is far too much pressure here, they need to re-think the whole learning/education structure then there would be no need to take private tuition!
sphinx Level 2
I think because too much importance is being given to private tuitions but how will they be able to stop it? Even if they place a ban, parents will still send their children for private lessons. So it seems that now police officers will have to be patrolling the localities to see if there are group of college students entering private houses and arrest the teacher and give the parents of these students a fine? How's that going to work out?
Khush_Mendossa Level 3
That seems awkward to arrest a teacher. I don't think that the population will remain silent. Even myself was giving tuition at a time and will later on restart to give.
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