Problem grave dvd, ki pa bon mo DVD ousa mo laptop?

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Khush_Mendossa 27 Mar 2012
depi kelke temps ban dvd ki mo p acheter (surtou melody) p ran gaz. Kan p graver p gagne souvent "pas p kav graver akoz to dvd pas bon". mo servi imgburn, magic iso avek nero. Dapres zot mo laptop ousa ban dvd laem sa?
Mo aster dvd imper partou dans moris lol.
Mais kan mo grave CD, zmais mo gagne sa problem la.


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Sagitarius 23 May 2012
Mo'nn deza geyn problem ar Nero ek Imgburn, mo'nn download Active Iso Burner e tu inn pas korek.
Khush_Mendossa 01 Apr 2012
Aler pou esay tester sa la.
Mais mo truv sa bizar ki zmais mo gagne problem ek ban CD.
gices 01 Apr 2012
Esay servi enn pli bon marque DVD. Mo penser problem la kapav ek ban DVD bon marser la sa. Alors si to fer enn test servi DVD melody (ou soi nimporte ki lot DVD Rs10 ki vander la) ek enn bon marque DVD, si to truver ki to gagne mem problem ek tou les 2, to pou conner problem la ek to DVD writer alors.

Mo panse pas problem la li vinn lor laptop la mwa; enfin foder fer test la pou nu kapav elimine ban cause la...