Will Google+ take over Facebook?

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gices 18 Jul 2011
Recently Google announced the release of their own social network, Google Plus, which is pretty similar to Facebook. There are many interesting features of Google+ which makes it stand out from other social networks and they are Circles, Sparks and Hangouts to name a few.

A lot of Mauritians have already joined this growing network but do you think it has the potential to become even bigger than Facebook?


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sarah_7 19 Oct 2019

I used to like the platform. It was popular among hotels in Mauritius. I left it because it had too much pornograpphic content and it annoyed me to delete 4-5 links on my feed each time i loggein. good thing this garbage is deleted

Peaches 15 Aug 2011
Doubt it, I am a user and I don't really like it. It does have potential though, FB has been around a long time and continue to have loyal users, also everyone uses it including businesses.

Google+ will have to work hard if it wants to steal FB users!
DRG 09 Aug 2011
Where Google have not succeeded in the past, they have acquired (YouTube refers). This time though, the option to buy FaceBook is remote so I doubt that will happen. This means they will likely be willing to put huge resources into making their own efforts succeed.

Will they overtake FB though? This time I doubt it. FB is too entrenched globally.
gices 09 Aug 2011
Google+ is growing very rapidly though and if there's a social network that can take on Facebook, well it definitely will be Google Plus, don't you think?
sphinx 26 Jul 2011
Google+ has the potential to become very big because it already owns the biggest websites on the internet. Take for example YouTube which is the most famous video sharing site and owned by Google, if they were to promote Google+ on that network alone, they will get lots of signups.

A recent survey has already shown that Google+ has reached 10 million users and that in a fraction of the time it took either Facebook or Twitter to accomplish. However there is considerably more male users on Google+ which shows that more people more oriented towards technology are the ones who are likely to switch over or signup because they are curious.

Facebook has already a huge user base and people don't really like change, so they will stick with what they are comfortable with already and it will be difficult to persuade these people to join Google+.
yonne 19 Jul 2011
It's all about Google+ these days lol if it is a social network, most probably yes ;)