Free WiFi on buses in Mauritius

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gices 13 Sep 2011
Rose-Hill transport has introduced free Wi-Fi access when you travel with them. To use the service, you need to send a text message (sms) to 499 26 90 and you'll be issued with a code. Here are some points which have been raised about this free wifi on the buses:

  • How much does the text message cost to get access to the internet? (Rs0.60)
  • How long does the code last for once issued? (30mins I believe)
  • What do you need to write in the text message to get the password? (I think it could be left blank, not sure though)
  • When you try to connect to the WiFi, it asks for a username as well as a password, so what is the username? (anyone?)
  • It takes a long time to write the code/password as it's 10 characters long, so by the time I get connected to the WiFi, I've already reached my destination.

If you have used the free Wifi when travelling with Rose-Hill transport, let us know what the experience was like and answers to the questions above if you know.


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sphinx 16 Sep 2011
When you send the SMS, you will get the code to access the free wifi and it does not take a long time to enter the code. Well some people might be slower than others but I think it takes 2 mins tops from getting the code to accessing the wifi. The internet connection is pretty decent as well and it makes travelling by bus this little bit more exciting. So congratulations to Rose-Hill transport for this excellent initiative and hopefully other public transport in Mauritius will soon follow.
Peaches 20 Sep 2011
I have not yet had the chance to use it but I wonder how safe it is, I mean if everyone has their phones out using the internet then surely thefts will increase? It could be a teenager trying their luck or a drug addict looking for something easy to sell on to get a high on drugs.