Where can I get products free from Sodium Fluoride (NaF) in Mauritius?

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Khush_Mendossa 30 Aug 2012

As you know, it's found in toothpaste, tap water and so on. It is a poisonous substance (used in insecticide also) which destroys brain cells and causes irreversible damage. Just want to prevent more damage.

Perhaps someone could suggest where Fluoride filters are sold? And also NaF free products.

P.S Sources (just to name a few among the thousands)







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Starr 15 Sep 2012

London Way has a herbal toothpaste (made by phyto shield) which is fluoride free - it is expensive, but worth the money!
Look into the Eva water filter from Axios Health Shop - apparently it removes fluoride.
I now need to see if that water filter removes pesticides, since in the standards for drinking water here in mauritius, certain amounts of pesticides, including DDT and Lindane are allowed in the water!
hope this helps!

Khush_Mendossa 15 Sep 2012

Will definitely go there thx!

gices 17 Sep 2012

@Starr : Out of curiosity, how much more does the herbal toothpaste cost compared to a normal brand.

Starr 29 Jan 2013

the herbal toothpaste does cost a lot more compared to a normal brand...but for my health it is a small price to pay :)

Khush_Mendossa 29 Jan 2013

Wow...replying after so many months. Did Gices brush his teeth meanwhile? Lol xD

gices 31 Aug 2012

If you're concerned, then wouldn't it be easier to check the ingredients before buying any products. Manufacturers tend to put most if not all substances they used to make a product, so I believe that's your best option.

I'm inclined to believe that consuming sodium fluoride in small quantities would not be as detrimental as you make it appear. Can you back up your statement by linking to a trusted source which shows the effects of NaF on the brain cells by quantity consumed?

Khush_Mendossa 31 Aug 2012

Updated! By the way damaging brain cells is only one of the several effects of NaF. Check the sources for cancer and so on.