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What's the best chinese restaurant in Port-Louis?

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anonymous_4 gices
anonymous_4 24 Apr 2011
Not just in terms of food but also level of service!


anonymous_4 26 Apr 2011
Canton a la rue emmanuel..anquetile
jeanphilippe 12 Dec 2013

Canton a la rue emmanuel..anquetile

tony_6 08 Dec 2013

Domaine anna is not in port louis nor is it a Chinese restaurant. it is a really good international
Restaurant and is in Flic en Flac. Ti Ton Ton in Port Louis is excellent. It's very busy at lunch time because a lot of local office staff and workers go there which is always the best recommendation in any country! It is in the Camp Yoloff area of Port Louis near an old church called St Antoine I think. A 5 minute walk from the harbour side and passed the bus station.

gices 08 Dec 2013

Yep, you're right, Domaine Annna is in Flic en Flac.

I've never been to Ti Ton Ton. What's its speciality?

Vjeebun 22 Jun 2011
Is canton the same one as grand canton?? They're both close to each other
gices 23 Jun 2011

They are not the same - Canton is managed by the father and Grand Canton by the son - more information available there

yonne 08 May 2011
Restaurant Canton indeed or maybe Le Chinois :)
mari_mama 26 Apr 2011
dommaine anna is pretty good but the chinese restaurants in mauritius in general are pretty good in terms of food..
dimmaudyahoocom 26 Apr 2011
grand ocean, n best of the best........ titonton :P