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Urgent!!!HELP!! Sick Arowana fish!!!

RoseOfUniverse 12 Nov 2015

So i have a small arowana and it has been acting weird since morning. It uses to swim a lot, now it just sat on the bottom and we have to push it to make it swims... I already change the fish tank water , gave it blood worm and put medication to remove fish parasite! Please help me...I wonder what have cause my little one to be so distress...your answer is valuable for me..thank you in advance^_^

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Alpha_November 06 Dec 2015

Well , have you checked the Ph of your water? Have youchecked it fins/gills , if it seems broken / red / looking unhealthy?

RoseOfUniverse 23 Jan 2016

Thank you for your advice but you answered me too late :( , I have got new fishes, If something like this happened again, I will make sure to do what you recommend, thank you very much ^_^