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Asian International Trade & Cultural Expo (AITCE)

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As you know there are many asian expo’s on all the time but this one is the first to come to Mauritius. I thought it may be an interesting day out as in the last one I went to in Trianon I got some major bargains! This time round however I was very disappointed.

indian wall deities

asian expo stalls

salwar kameez

Parking was horrendous! There was no organisation and people just parked where they liked, there was even a truck that decided to block off half the parking area! Anyway its looks very big in the outside but when you get in is another story, it was so ram packed! There was hardly any room to walk let alone view the many stands that were there. There were supposed to be stalls from India, Pakistan, Dubai, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Iran but to be honest they were mostly Mauritian!

indian shoes

The other qualm I had was that they were all selling the same thing! How many different stalls do you need to see selling the same dresses, shoes and ugly jewellery? Some people were selling overpriced garbage which really annoyed me but there were things that I could see that were reasonable such as shoes and small items such as ornaments, other people I know got bargains too.


The food court was too small and overcrowded too, plus when it started to rain there wasn’t that much shelter so everyone was cramming under the few gazebos that were there. There was a sega show, a famous indian astrologist and a bouncy castle too in the entertainment area but that was pretty much it.

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In all I thought it was a failure, too much repetition and bad mannered people.

Peaches Published 18 Sep 2012