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Avon Mauritius

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As you may know Avon has been around for 125 years, millions of women use it around the world as it is also available in 100 countries. Buying from an established brand gives you peace of mind and confidence that you are buying a product that it is safe and that works. Avon spends 5 years researching and testing a product before releasing it but they never test on animals.

As a foreigner living in Mauritius it has taken some time to get used to the lack of makeup brands available on this small island, in the UK there is so much choice to suit all budgets but here I struggle to find even the most popular brands such as L’Oreal and Maybelline. Like many women know, not all foundation, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick are the same, they vary from brand to brand and finding one that suits you takes time. Unfortunately in Mauritius due to the lack of well known brands people are forced to look elsewhere.

Thankfully Avon was introduced into Mauritius so Mauritians and expats can all look and feel good. Avon is not just about make up, you can get toiletries such as shower gels, shampoos and perfume too. Jewellery, products for men and products for children are also available and with a good reputation I’m glad that I am now able to buy my favourite products. Unfortunately as you might have noticed Avon in Mauritius is a little expensive but rest assured the products are worth it. Mauritius is very hot and humid most of the time so you don’t really need to pile on layers of foundation, a small 30ml bottle lasts me 3 months, the same goes for the creams you don’t need to cake on the creams and treatments for them to work, a small pea sized amount does the trick.

A word of warning
I have noticed many people who have websites and Facebook pages selling ‘cheap’ Avon products, we all want to save some money but you need to ask yourself why. Most of them claim that the makeup is bought in Europe cheap and sent here to Mauritius to re-sell at prices lower than the Avon Mauritius prices. Whilst it’s true that some products are cheaper abroad than they are here some ‘sellers’ have been duped into buying counterfeit Avon usually from China. Customers who have bought counterfeit Avon have suffered from skin complaints, so please be careful and always buy from a true Avon representative. Real Avon representatives will give you a receipt for goods bought, so if a problem with the products should arise you are able to verify where you got them from. Unfortunately everyone wants to make a quick buck so please buy carefully.

gices Published 09 Mar 2012


Suhasini_Ragaven 30 Aug 2012

where is it found??

Suhasini_Ragaven 30 Aug 2012

where is avon found in maurtius i mean??

Khush_Mendossa 30 Aug 2012

I know there's one at Curepipe Manhattan 1st floor.

Peaches 31 Aug 2012

There are only two official head offices in Mauritius one found in Port Louis and one in Curepipe.

Jonana 07 Jun 2013

2eme etage, Torowa Centre
Rue Jummah Mosquee
Port Louis

Rajesh_Tribhon 02 Jul 2012


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Rajesh Tribhon

Khush_Mendossa 17 Mar 2012
Simple is beautiful. I don't know if Avon products clean the skin or just make the skin appear more fashionable. But in my personal opinion, proper hygiene, diet and lifestyle is the best thing you can buy yourself.
Peaches 28 Mar 2012
I agree but other girls/women will not, plus you always need a little something extra for special occasions, unfortunately Mauritius does not have much to offer in the case of make up.