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Birthday celebrations

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One of the most exciting events in one’s life is the celebration of a birthday. People come of age on particular dates once a year and this is reason enough to have a party and enjoy with the family, friends and loved ones. Birthdays also mark some particular change in people’s lives like the age to obtain a driving license, to consume alcohol, to apply for some specific jobs etc. Most of the different ethnic groups in Mauritius celebrate birthdays since there are no restrictions whatsoever. While many people celebrate their each and every birthday, some go for particular celebrations like 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 60th etc and some other prefer to have private parties or go for grandiose events.

Gift ideas for birthdays
The spectrum of gift that can be offered is very broad depending on how well you know the person and have an idea of what will make him/her happy. Gifts range from clothes, jewellery, accessories (bags/belt/hair paraphernalia), perfume, cosmetics, flowers, chocolates etc for women and men while you may want to go for games, stationery, school stuff etc for children. Of course it also depends on the age celebration, what you will buy for a 16th year old girl will not be the same for a 30th year old woman. Else, you can buy personalised gifts (pen, t-shirt, jewellery with the name of the person or whatever you want on it) or you can shop online for things not currently available in Mauritius (be sure to order beforehand to allow enough time for shipment).

Birthday catering services
There are a number of birthday catering agencies scattered all over the island. They offer a wide range of services depending on what you are looking for and celebrations can be tailor made accordingly. You can contact them and discuss your ideas of a perfect party be it for a surprise or formal anniversary, the theme of the event/age specific themes (for children party theme like Spiderman or Barbie), how much involvement you expect from them and additional entertainment (fire eaters, clowns, swimming pools, games etc); thus the price of such a celebration will vary from party to party and agency to agency. Usually, these companies offer all services you may require such as food selection (per dish/open buffet), decorations, chairs and tables, waiters, invitation cards etc. Here are some useful links are for catering services and gift ideas: * Cuisine des Iles

Tailor made birthday parties
You can also make your own birthday party and shop for everything yourself to make your party a success. You can get decorations (birthday banners, lights, cards, hats, birthday pins), plates, cups, napkins, gifts in local supermarkets or birthday specialised shops. As far as food is concerned, it all depends on what you want to feed your guests. You can bake your own cake or order one from a baker’s based on what you want (base, colour, shape, theme etc) and buy other pastries and cakes as well. You can go for a formal/theme specific/BBQ party at your house, the beach or restaurants, fast food places (KFC, Mc Donald, Pizza Hut) once necessary arrangements have been made concerning food and cake while the staff takes care of making it an ideal experience for you by providing perfect service, balloons, decorations, candles etc.

yonne Published 01 Nov 2011

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sapna 19 Jan 2015

I'm looking for birthday party supplies for 11 yrs old girl.

can someone suggest good place to pick some cool stuff for young girls?