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Pacific oven door exploding

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The other day I was celebrating my two year olds birthday; we were all outside having a nice time when all of a sudden there was a loud bang. I ran inside to see as it sounded like something had fallen, to my horror the glass of my oven door exploded and shattered to pieces. I only purchased this oven 14 months ago and can count on one hand how many times I have used it. It has been sitting idle in my kitchen for well over 6 months.

pacific oven

All my guests were horrified but we were lucky that no-one was present as it could have been very serious. I am so angry that this has happened because not only is it dangerous but I am also powerless to do anything. In this country you cannot complain as nothing will get done so it literally is a waste of time.

A few of my guests have said the same thing happened to them but there is no explanation. Some people have said that maybe it’s because of the heat but my oven is completely out of direct sunlight otherwise this could’ve been a theory. There are many theories but after a little search on the internet many other people have experienced the same worldwide, the only difference is they get help with their products unlike Mauritians who have no rights!

gices Published 14 May 2013


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Yashvin 14 May 2013


You should inform the consumer protection instances as well as the Pacific brand representative.

gices 15 May 2013

If someone was injured, I would definitely kick up a fuss but honestly the time you spend and the frustration you go through with these sort of things are not worth the hassle.

Kurt_Avish 14 May 2013

Heat or not, an oven must not explode like this :S And when I think I have one of the same brand sitting there in the kitchen... You need to contact the shop where you bought it from and inform them (even if it's past the warranty period) and alert the consumer protection unit (they are almost useless btw). And well, giving the newspapers another story to write about will help too in informing other people.

gices 15 May 2013

You've got a time bomb in your kitchen, I'd be really careful with that as it may blast when you least expect it.

ReenaDKL 14 May 2013

It could have been a tragedy had someone been in the kitchen. go to the seller and ask them for an explanation. Ask them to call the 'maison mère' of Pacific and talk to them in front of you... Share this everywhere on fb, create an awareness...

gices 15 May 2013

I've had my fair share of dealing with these people who do not have a clue what functionalities the appliances have and tell you to consult the manual for more info. So instead of them telling me why that happened, it would be more like me telling them possible causes.


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