What has been your favourite experience regarding your visit to the Aapravasi Ghat Museum?

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sarah_7 28 Nov 2019

''In the district of Port Louis, lies the 1,640 m2 site where the modern indentured labour diaspora began. In 1834, the British Government selected the island of Mauritius to be the first site for what it called ‘the great experiment’ in the use of ‘free’ labour to replace slaves. Between 1834 and 1920, almost half a million indentured labourers arrived from India at Aapravasi Ghat to work in the sugar plantations of Mauritius, or to be transferred to Reunion Island, Australia, southern and eastern Africa or the Caribbean. The buildings of Aapravasi Ghat are among the earliest explicit manifestations of what was to become a global economic system and one of the greatest migrations in history.''

Source: UNESCO


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gices 02 Dec 2019

I visited the site quite a few years ago. I took a few pictures with the intention to blog about it but I haven't had time.

From what I remember, there was no entrance fees then (not sure if there's one now). I don't think I was too impressed with it. Memory tells me the stones/walls were quite interesting but other than that, nothing stuck in my head.

Have you been there recently?

sarah_7 02 Dec 2019

Yes this week. I was reading everything so I found it amazing plus a researcher that worked in a similar project as mine with had his findings from 2015 there. My only sadness is not having been able to spend more time there as I had to go to QB for a meeting. It's still free.