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Is there Binary Programming course in Mauritius?

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Khush_Mendossa gices
Khush_Mendossa 12 Apr 2013


bird_dodo 22 Jul 2013

I did programing on the intel 8085 ..its binary and we used hexadec to code programs. You should see if this is available here.

gices 16 Apr 2013

No, and I don't any institution providing this course any time in the future. Binary programming is all about writing in assembly language which the machine understands directly, without any compilation. It is not a skill which is in high demand in any part of the world, let alone Mauritius. So it's just a simple theory of supply and demand and what's not in demand is not going to be supplied.

See this answer from StackOverflow also.

Are you genuinely interested in coding in binary or was it just a general question?

Khush_Mendossa 16 Apr 2013

I wanted to do something 'out of common lol.