Wedding Venue in the North of Mauritius

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Weeni 18 Sep 2019

Hi, I'm looking for a wedding venue in the north of Mauritius for 3 days. Do you know any beautiful wedding venue to accommodate 700 people for the wedding and 200 people for the reception?


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fickle 18 Sep 2019

700 people!!! That's going to be a very big wedding. Send me an invitation as well, I don't mind where it is held :)

I've been to Gyanasha Hall before, it was a very nice place. Some of my relatives have rented bungalows for previous functions, you may be able to get a large one and plan the seating wisely.

gices 18 Sep 2019

In the north, there's Ramsurn, Roche Noire Wedding Hall.

Pretty much all hotels around the island do weddings, so get in touch with them to see if they can accommodate your guests.

If you're more flexible with the venue, these ones may be of interest:

  • Rabita Hall (Port-Louis)
  • Legend Hall Ltd (Petite Riviere)
  • Crimson Banquet Hall (Lalmatie)
  • Domaine Reet's (Moka)
  • Gyanasha Wedding Hall (Moka)
  • Dhanush Wedding Hall (Nouvelle France)
  • Royal Parbeaux Hall (Rose Belle)
  • Flamingo Hall (Vacoas)
  • Baboulall Wedding Hall - La ROSA (Rose Belle)
  • Royal Gardens (Beau Bassin Rose-Hill)
  • Paradise Hal (Curepipe)
  • S&S Cape Town Hall (Vacoas Phoenix)
  • Seven Golden Rays Hall (Rose Belle)
  • Triveni Hall (Beau Bassin)

Hope that helps.