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Where can someone purchase a proper Mauritian creole dictionary?

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georgesiniska 15 Jan 2017

I have been in Australia since 1969.Even though my wife of 39 years is Australian.I love speaking creole and have formed a weekly get together with some other Mauritians for "Koze Kreol avek n ti Kafe".Problem is most of us are not familiar with the way to write the Lingo.I contacted the Mauritian Embassy in Canberra but no response so far,guess they must be busy with more important matters


gices 15 Jan 2017

There are two links I've provided in this answer to a similar question, one is for the spelling and the other an ebook/dictionary for Mauritian Creole.

I hope your little get together goes well and you have a good time with your friends speaking the language. If there are things not covered by the links, you are welcome to ask questions like "How do we say 'How old are you' in Creole?" or "How do you write "I've had a good time with you my friends' in Creole?".

Welcome to Clever Dodo btw :)

georgesiniska 15 Jan 2017

Thank you gices for the links.I will peruse them.My mastery of creole is actually very good.Every time I visit Mauritius,people actually comment "To enkore koze kreol coumsa"
.I thought that perhaps now that creole is in the school curriculum some one might have published a hard copy.My interest is the origin and derivatives of our words.My fascination is how we have bastardised (for use of a better word) and amalgamated a few other languages to make one of our own.. Our little group have fun when we discover why we use a certain word in creole.Thank you again for your response..Cheers