Are the degrees from UOM recognised internationally?

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RoseOfUniverse sarah_7
Trevish 24 Oct 2016

I wanted to know if the degrees of UOM recognised in other countries. If i want to immigrate to another country and make use of my certificates from UOM, will they be valid?


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sarah_7 15 Oct 2019

not all degress and depends on country.

net_engineer 28 May 2017

as far as I know not in Canada!

RoseOfUniverse 28 Oct 2016

Well, even though their website mentioned their degrees are recognized globally, I find this statement highly ambiguous because I am fairly certain that there are certain degrees from UOM that are not recognized worldwide.
for example, a bachelor psychology from a Mauritian University is not recognized by the British Psychology Society, so you will have to do a conversion degree before actually doing your master in the UK.
And yeah, one will not be able to practice as a counsellor with the degree of psychology from UOM.
But in my opinion, your question is a very difficult question to answer because different countries have different laws.