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Are the degrees from Open University Mauritius (OUM) recognised internationally?

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the-man 15 Nov 2019

Are undergraduates and masters of graphics design from Open University acceptable internationally if one day i'm planning to move lets say to USA/Canada or UK?


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gices 15 Nov 2019

Okay I've had to do a bit of research on this but here's what I found:

  1. The awarding body for your diploma/degree is the Open University of Mauritius itself
  2. They are ISO 9001 certified (which is a good thing)
  3. They have partnered with quite a few universities eg Imperial College, London (UK), University of California, San Diego (USA), Commonwealth of Learning (Canada), more partnerships here

It's difficult to say for sure which country is going to accept this degree as equivalent. In the UK itself, there are loads of places where you can get diplomas but that does not mean they are officially recognised within the UK itself. It has to come from a trusted uni.

My brother had a degree from University of Mauritius and when he came to England, his degree was not recognised and he had to conversion course for them to accept the degree.

So depending on where you go and what the affiliation is with OUM, it may or may not be recognised.

UK Specific Info

In the UK, there's a service run by NARIC which gives you an official report for the comparability of your international qualifications and skills and that's accepted by all employers in England. It costs £60 but it guarantees acceptance of your degree/diploma, the equivalent that is, and from there you'd be able to see what's left for you to do to reach British standards.

Bringing it in line with a UK degree will depend on the type of course you've done, the curriculum and dissertation among other things and those vary from course to course even if it's from the same uni.

the-man 16 Nov 2019

Okay Thanks you for your answer. How long does a conversion course takes?

sarah_7 17 Nov 2019

hi Gices which degree did your bro study? I was told by uom lecturers that their degree were recognised in the uk

gices 18 Nov 2019

@the-man depends on the course - see my updated answer above.

gices 18 Nov 2019

@sarah_7 Civil Engineering but I have to admit it was a very long time ago and things may have changed now but only NARIC will be able to confirm this for UK equivalence (link in my answer above).

the-man 25 Nov 2019

Thanks you but how long does it take to have this "acceptance"

the-man 15 Nov 2019

I wanted to add that if it's recognized enough to have a job outside of Mauritius?

gices 15 Nov 2019

Your title has OUM which has me confused. Are you referring to Open University or University of Mauritius (UoM).

the-man 15 Nov 2019

Yes OUM - open university of mauritius

the-man 15 Nov 2019

Actually it is Open University of Mauritius abbreviated for OUM