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Anime in French

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RoseOfUniverse 24 Jul 2016

does anyone know anime that is similar to:

  1. Witch hunter Robin
  2. Attack of titan
  3. Huntik
  4. Blue exorcist

And What is your favorite anime ?



Nilen12345 22 Sep 2016

Hi, have you watched berserk, hunter x hunter, one piece, monster, full metal alchemist, soil eater, death note? There are so many;)

RoseOfUniverse 23 Sep 2016

I have watched full metal alchemist and death notes... do you know animes that are similar to those? ( I have watched only one episode of one piece but I will probably continue it soon). Berserk seems to violent...(Attack of titan was not on my plan but when I started watching it, I was hook on knowing what is going to happen next. This one was a superb anime anyway...I'm still waiting for season 2 (in french))

Mygameaddiction 14 Oct 2016

So u both watched full metal alchemist but not full mental alchemist brotherhood.They are both different versions but the beginning is pretty much the same although their endings were very different with full metal alchemist brotherhood staying more accurate to the manga. BTW u should try to watch one piece more often its totally worth it. ^0^

Mygameaddiction 11 Sep 2016

Well u can watch:
1)black butler
2)Death note
4)Terra Formars

PS i dont knw if there is French versions of them because im more of an English person

RoseOfUniverse 12 Sep 2016

Oh, i don't mind if you give me anime in English version. Thank you very much ^_^... I have watched all of it except Terra Formars( It seems interesting) .
What is the best anime that you have ever watched anyway?

Mygameaddiction 14 Oct 2016

I cannot choose only one, I just enjoy watching any type of anime.It was my pleasure to help