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Student Bus Pass

kenshiro 05 Jun 2016

Suppose a student is going to the Reduit(UOM) and he can travel two different routes if he want:
Route 1: take a bus directly to Reduit
Route 2: take 2 buses to go to Reduit

My question is does the student has the right to take Route 2 and use his Student Bus Pass?

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RoseOfUniverse 10 Jun 2016

I think yes (because someone I know take 2 buses to go to Quatre-Bornes using her bus pass ) .

kenshiro 10 Jun 2016

So she takes two buses even though she could take only one bus to go to Q.Bornes?

RoseOfUniverse 10 Jun 2016

Not really, her destination starts from Mahebourg to Curepipe, then Curepipe to Quatre-Bornes (that's the easiest routes she can take) ,anyway if both routes are in your bus pass trajectory ( from home to destination) then you can use it.