Need to buy mobile phone from Ebay by FedEx

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Hello as title says, i want to buy a phone on ebay.
The value of the phone goes around Rs18,000.
The seller offers only the FedEx International Priority at $9.99 to ship the phone.
My question is whether this parcel will be dropped to my doorstep with all customs clearance, what about the taxes, ICTA clearance (the mobile phone model is listed in ICTA list as approved), etc.
Do you advise me to purchase it or you think there may be a problem somewhere.
Thanks to please help.

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usernil Level 1

I don't think you need to worry about custom procedures since FedEx will do it accordingly and if ever the need is felt , FedEx representatives will call you personally.
It all depends up to how much your shipper will declare the item value .
Recently , i bought a phone from eBay , shipped by DHL , unfortunately i paid a VAT around 500 MUR since the seller wrongly declared the item Value .

gices Level 6

You will need to go collect it at the Parcel's Office and show the custom officers the Certificate of Conformity for the mobile phone. You will find more information on this similar question.

I know many people who have imported phones from abroad and didn't have any problems, so you'll be fine :)

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