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how do i reach the parcel post office ?

anonymousIRC 10 Mar 2016

i bought something online and now i have got to reach the parcel post office in port-louis. i do not know how to get there. can you guys please tell me where it is located. thanks a lot :)

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BhavishDoobaree 10 Mar 2016

The Central Parcels Office is located at the back of the Post Office headquarters of Port Louis.

It's is near the old famous stone-made building.

BhavishDoobaree 10 Mar 2016

Everyone knows Caudan (if you don't, you need to get out more!) and after KiddyLand, there's the Postal Museum (the nice building made of stones) and right after this, you will see signs for the Parcel Office building. You actually have to walk up the slope and when you turn right, go all the way straight ahead. You can park in Caudan itself or there's another parking lot just behind the Postal Musuem. If unsuccessful, you can try the parking near Aapravasi Ghat.