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Oral Irrigators for teeth in mauritius

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Muzzammil 27 Oct 2014

Can anyone tell me where can i buy oral irrigator for "in between teeth cleaning"?
I've been using dental floss for a long time and i guess it doesn't work as i expect

Saw about oral irrigator over the internet but im not sure if it's available here

How do you usually clean in between teeth?


vickydussoye 27 Oct 2014

Hello Muzzamil.. Dental Floss is much better to use as u can control the force applied, cheaper and very handy COMPARED to the Irrigators.
U will find Oral Irrigators at Serge Dental Supplies. I think it costs between RS 4,000 to RS 5,000.
Do not hesitate for any further queries.

gices 28 Oct 2014

Hey Vicky,

Thanks for the great answer. I think it will be good if you add your dental practice to the Clever Dodo Business Directory and include the link in your member's account as many people tend to check the profile of the user providing answers.

@Muzzamil : Vicky is a professional dentist; this says it all :)