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Massive Open Online Course

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yonaik 09 Jun 2014

A friend mentioned to me this site.

So its a well known and world-wide recognised institution which delivers courses on the web.

Now after the end of the programme they issue you with a diploma if you passed(!)

They courses being NQF and FETAC (UK) i wonder now if their diplomas/certs are recognized in Mauritius.

I haven't been able to get somebody from the TEC, their busy phone numbers almost never answer..

Somebody can investigate, i would be greatful thanks


Khush_Mendossa 20 Jun 2014

ALISON is very good.

Nevertheless, I contacted them myself months ago concerning its recognition in Mauritius.
You have to pay Rs1000 for this information!! So I didn't bother going forward. I have a Diploma in HR via this website. But don't expect getting a job with this in Mauritius as the employers are not so well MOOC informed.

However, it can be a plus as some really intelligent employers will see that you are willing to learn more while having less[money].

There is also Coursera which I have several Statements of Accomplishment from but doesn't seem to have effect in this "cyber-loving" island. I think the TEC believes if everyone starts learning online then the universities here will just go bankrupt.

Take care.

gices 11 Jun 2014

TEC is the institution to contact like you mentioned. If you're unable to reach them by telephone, try to send them an email instead.

yonaik 11 Jun 2014

Well i did send them a few emails a week or so before posting here... no one bothered to reply.

Perhaps they are not aware of this new kind of distance learning system?

gices 12 Jun 2014

Have you tried sending them a registered letter?