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Where can I practice archery in Mauritius?

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Iron_Man 02 Mar 2014

Also, what are the fees of applying for a membership to such places?

Out of subject: It's good to be back on CleverDodo. I hope that you're all fine and that some of you here still remember me. :p


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gices 06 Mar 2014

You can go to Les Archers de Stellmoor which is located in GRNW. There's a joining fee of Rs300 and a monthly fee of the same amount.

Kids can do this as a fun activity as well at Kiddi Kids located in Quatres-Bornes, not sure if they allow adults there though.

Here's another one:

ST ANTOINE ARCHERY LEISURE PARK Beau Plateau Road St Antoine (Direction: end of Cottage towards Goodlands) Mauritius Tel : 57764821

For a list of other places, the Mauritius Sports Council has a dedicated page for Tir a L'arc, so give them a call to find a place close to you.

On a side note, it's good to see back on Clever Dodo :) And yes, we still remember you. And "Out of subject" is a literal translation for "hors sujet", it should be "Off topic" instead :p

sarah_7 15 Oct 2019

Stade Anjaley les dimanche avant 11h

annypenny 27 Aug 2016

There is also a new archery game Bowfighters. It is another option for a safe practice. They make team games in different parts of Mauritius.
You can find more info here

gaelveerasamy 15 Apr 2014

Recently, I have seen quite a lot of people getting interested in our sport and asking information about information about where to get started practicing archery in Mauritius.
For all the information seekers, please note that there is five places where you can practice the art of toxophily.
1. Rose Hill - ATA - Saturday as from 2h30 pm till dusk
2. Medine football ground (CTAPLO and Stelmoor club)
3. Curepipe CSSC
4. Mahebourg Archery Club
5. Padco Archery School - Saturday morning as from 8h to 12h
Normally equipment will be provided free of charge by the clubs (to be confirmed with the club managers as different clubs have different policies) but arrows and personal accessories should be bought by the archers.

head to for more info

sphinx 05 Mar 2014

Most places I know offer archery as a leisure activity aimed mostly for tourists. Check out Ciel Et Nature website (they used to be called Domaine de L'etoile). Unfortunately the link to the pdf file which has the tariffs is not working at the moment but you can give them a call to find out.