Does anyone know a good attorney?

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Can anyone recommend to me a good attorney.

I have already consulted many; but I've only had bad experiences with them. It seems that they are only after my money. They haven't done anything of my case yet and I think they are only fooling around with me. They are not even able to give good advice.

So I really need someone who is serious about his work.

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gices Level 6

I've had my fair share of dealing with them and I wouldn't recommend any of whom I've dealt with because like you said, they are more interesting in making money than helping you.

Is it something to do with land (as in inheritance and shares)? What I suggest you doing is go to each and every one and tell them your current circumstances and ask the probability of you winning. Compare the different advice you're getting and deduce your own conclusion and go with the attorney you think is more genuine. You'll find a lot of them will say they will be able to get you what you want just to get your business but ask specifics about what they intend to do.

ldamient Level 1

Yes it's something to do with land but not inheritance. I'm rather dealing with tenant problems.

As I've already lost a lot of time with these attorneys, I'm afraid my tenant is already accelerating procedures on his side to take possession of my house. I heard he's got a lot of contacts too.

That's why I'm in need of a really good attorney.

But Thanks anyways gices, I'll try doing what you said.

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