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Will the Mall of Mauritius at Bagatelle be the next Caudan?

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gices 13 Jul 2011
When Caudan Waterfront opened its doors, everybody all around the island flocked to make it the most famous hangout place in Mauritius. People deserted places like Marie Reine de la Paix and Champs de Mars and all the attention was focused solely on Caudan.

The Mall of Mauritius will have entertainment, brands & lifestyle, supermarkets, motor city etc and with the opening scheduled very soon (29th of September 2011), will Bagatelle become the next hangout place?

What do you think?


yonne 13 Jul 2011
Most probably, and crowded with university students too I bet cause it's real close to the UoM, will make a nice hangout place, what with the climate being less stuffy than the Port Louis one...
gices 13 Jul 2011
Yes, definitely the new hangout place for UoM students.