Please can anyone tell me where can i find the helium gas for helium grade balloons in Mauritius?

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mishi07 30 Apr 2011


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gices 30 Apr 2011
There's only one place that I know of and here are the details:

La Folie des Ballons ltd
13 morcellement la Falaise, Tamarin - Mauritius
Tel : 795 28 97 - 795 28 97

Prices for helium balloons start from Rs350 but give them a call to get more details.
anonymous_4 08 Jun 2011
Helium is quite rare thats y its so expensive
anonymous_4 01 Jun 2011
Rs 350 one balloon man !!!! ????? is this a joke ???? mauritius is our problem
punisher 01 May 2011
hahahha hope u not trying to commit suicide like the owner of that restaurant in Quatre Bornes