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Glass Jars Painted Into Candle Holder

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I love jams. I love pickles. I love jarred olives, onions, gherkins…. Now imagine when I opened my cupboard for cleaning, how many jars are found there!! I was thinking of throwing them but damn, I would feel sorry for throwing away such cuties. :p

At that moment, I remembered that I had paint sprays left from a job I did last month. Sometimes I love myself for not throwing away things :p There were gold, lacquer, bronze, red, dark blue and fluo-pink. And the chosen one iiiiiiiissssssssssss…. SEXY-RED!

Steps With Images

steps 1 & 2washing jar

Step 1

I used my hair dryer to heat up the price tag so that it comes out easily.

Step 2

I dipped the jar in warm soapy water for 10 minutes so that I can rub away the glue left from the price tag easily. This gives us clean and soft jar surface.
steps 3 & 4 - empty jar

Step 3

What you would need next: Spray paint, tape, the clean jar of course, scissors and chocolate

Step 4

I have wrapped the tape around the jar wherever I don’t want it painted. I had a rubber band, I put it around the jar to see how it would turn out to be when removed.
steps 5 & 6 - painted jar

Step 5

I turned the jar upside down on used papers and sprayed it with red paint. Always read the instructions on your spray before using it.

Step 6

I waited for it to dry, hence the chocolate :p
steps 7 & 8 - jar with rubber band

Step 7

20 minutes later, I removed the tape. It wasn’t THAT dry but well, I couldn’t wait to see how it turns out to be!

Step 8

When I removed the rubber band, I understood that it is better not to use it again because it is too thick and prevents the paint to flow down.

End Results

jar painted into candle holder
I half-filled the jar with water and placed a T-light candle inside. Of course, water isn’t necessary; the candle can be placed directly and it can be of any size fitting the jar. Now I won’t need to throw away my jar and the red colour goes so well with my grey walls ^_^


Apart from jars, many many other things can be painted and upcycled! Just imagine an Erlenmeyer Flask used in Chemistry lab, painted in white and holding a gorgeous white Arum flower **

Khairah Published 15 Sep 2015


gices 28 Sep 2015

So Miss DIY, how much is a can of spray paint and where can you get it?

I'm not sure I understand why the rubber band is needed? And what's a t-light candle?

The end result looks very nice :)

Khairah 29 Sep 2015

I don't quite remember the price of the spray paint, as the one I used was a left-over. Vaguely, I would say Rs100-125. I think I also saw it in smaller quantity at Hobby World (Bourbon Street, Port Louis).

And t-light or tealight is a candle encased in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. Not so expensive and comes in packs of 6 or 12 in almost any store.

Khairah 29 Sep 2015

And.. DO NOT use rubber bands. I just tried to see if it works and would eventually create a non-painted spot on the jar.

But it was too thick and didn't allow the paint to flow down nicely.

AdamScawold 10 May 2016

Nice deco out of nothing.