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Why is it still necessary to have recourse to the Privy Council of Her Majesty the Queen of England to appeal a judgment of the Court of Appeal of Mauritius?

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sarah_7 13 Nov 2019

Pourquoi on est encore obligé d’avoir recours au Conseil privé de sa majesté la reine d’Angleterre pour pouvoir faire appel d’un jugement de la Cour d’appel mauricienne?


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gices 15 Nov 2019

Although we got independence in 1968 and became a republic in 1992, we did not follow what many other countries did when they were freed from the British colony:

Mauritius retained the Privy Council as its ultimate Court of Appeal to guarantee an appeal process that is independent of any political or other form of bias.

If this was not in place, politicians would be able to have their way as whoever is in power at a given time would be able to control and influence everything they want, including the highest court which is the Supreme Court.

When many other countries were liberated from the British claws, they chose to retain power over their territory which in many cases fostered dictators, proving detrimental for their citizens.

Are you against it?

sarah_7 17 Nov 2019

It isn't that I am for or against. But I found it quite weird when I was reading an article about it. The article mentioned that we weren't totally sovereign when we still rely on Privy Council