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Eski ban tifi moris pefer ban garson blanc

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zaheerburthun Macho yonaik
Bimal 20 Jan 2016


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Sharing local knowledge to make information more accessible to Mauritians, expats and tourists

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yonaik 10 Jun 2016

pa conner bizin demander

zaheerburthun 01 Feb 2016

Well it depends. I like white girl and married one already.

RoseOfUniverse 21 Jan 2016

kouma ena bane dimoune prefer model-body, dimples, petite woman etc.. We all have got our preference...some people like white people or some not and for some it does not matter, However in Mauritius, fairer skin is more appreciated like it is in any other part in the world, there are lots of white dude that are not attractive and I don;t think I would go out with me..I am brown and I have been getting lots of attention in parts of europe such as France or Italy..pourtant mo brown + for me when it comes to guy, if I am not attracted to him,then I am not, colors doesnt matter, people think that if they are white, then they are handsome, NOT TRUE!!! A good character is very attractive, don't give up!!!I am sure most of the girls who asked who those white dude is, they are just trying to yourself and you will attract the right one for you

Macho 24 Jan 2016


BadFundodo 21 Jan 2016

La plipart prefer blanc dapres bns Mo pna prob pu gagne bn fams canons mais ene tas fams pu sous blanc mem si li vilain, pna valer, pna cass ek vieux. Ece ki li ene preference genuine ou eski li acz ene indoctrinaion de la societer ki dir toi blan pli bon/zoli etc? 1 complexe ou en attitude raciste?

BadFundodo 24 Jan 2016

Moena ene parole divine..ek ene intuition infallible. To pa kv suiv to prob man..LOL jk Check sa video la. Li back imper mo 1er comment.