Can I get a financial aid at the University of Technology?

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miss_nature 22 Jan 2015

Hello I am a needy student. I have all the criteria in order to get a financial aid but I saw mutual aid association at the university of Mauritius but the problem is I will enroll at the university of technology..i just want to know despite I enroll at the university of technology..will I benefit this financial aid..if there is no mutual aid association at the university of technology what are the other financial aid that exist at university of technology ..thank you in advance

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gices 24 Jan 2015

As far as I know, UTM is a private university and you will need to find your own way of paying through the course. You can ask your parents to apply for a secured personal loan if they are able to mortgage their property or better yet, the Development Bank of Mauritius used to offer a student loan for something like Rs150,000 which was repayable once you've completed your course and have started working. I'm not sure whether they still have this but it's definitely worth calling them up to find out.

Btw, why are you choosing UTM over UoM?