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Can I sit for 3 subsidiaries subjects at HSC?

robbie 15 Mar 2013
Hi everyone, just wanted to know if I can sit for 3 subsidiaries subjects (G.P being compulsory + French and Maths) at the HSC?
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Nerdy_Shika 17 Mar 2013

Contact the MES. They'll provide you with the right information.

gices 18 Mar 2013

Yes. For the Higher School Certificate, you need to enter 5 subjects and since Cambridge International AS General Paper is a must, you can have the following combination:

  • 4 A Level subjects + GP
  • 3 A Levels + 1 AS Levels + GP
  • 2 A Levels + 2 AS Levels + GP

Therefore your combination would be fine provided you choose 2 main subjects as you already have 3 subs.

Source : MES