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Where can I buy tortoises to keep as pets?

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sphinx 01 Dec 2012

I'm not looking for turtles (the ones which live in water) but tortoises which live mainly on land. I'd like to have a male and a female, preferably very young. And how much can I expect to pay for them?


prince 03 Dec 2012

port louis la rue royal

Sagitarius 02 Dec 2012

Although everything costs more in Curepipe than anywhere else I am quite certain they cost much less than Rs10,000. here. You should check at the pet shop at the end of the one-way road along the left flank of the Royal College.

gices 01 Dec 2012

Try Espace Jardin et Maison in Shoprite. I've seen a small tortoise for sale there for Rs10,000 I think. I don't know whether that was for a single one or a pair.