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Is loose tobacco for hand rolling available in Mauritius?

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huggy 20 Nov 2016

Does any one know if Loose Tobacco (hand-rolling) is available to buy in Mauritius.

I have seen cigarette papers for sale in my local London Way supermarket, so it seems an anomaly if you can't buy the tobacco.


RoseOfUniverse 20 Nov 2016

Loose Tobacco is illegal in Mauritius.

This is the newest regulation(2015) concerning "Roll your own cigarette" coming from the Commerce division of Mauritius.

“Roll your own cigarettes” papers and Rolling machines

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Consumer Protection wishes to inform the public that the Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) (Amendment No. 6) Regulations 2015 have been promulgated and are effective as from 17 December 2015.

Consequently, the importation of “Roll your own cigarettes” papers and Rolling machines, other than rolling machines of industrial types, used to manufacture cigarettes are banned, except for those ordered or imported before 17 December 2015.

The Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) (Amendment No. 6) Regulations 2015 may be accessed on the website of the Ministry ( for consultation.

This explained why you can see supermarket selling it. :)

Source: link1 link2

huggy 21 Nov 2016

Thanks for the link - bit confusing with regards to cigarette papers being restricted items - when they are on open display and available to buy in at least 3 supermarkets in Mahebourg.
Plus tourists can bring in loose tobacco for personal use - so it can't be considered a "banned substance"
Oh well have to grow my own :)

RoseOfUniverse 21 Nov 2016

They probably don't know if it's restricted and cigarette papers are papers! So, I think it goes undetected.( those tourists probably don't know the rules either)

gices 21 Nov 2016

@RoseOfUniverse you are right. Roll-up tobacco is illegal in Mauritius.

@huggy I found it confusing too when I was looking into this a few years ago that they would sell the paper but not the tobacco.

huggy 21 Nov 2016

Hi again @RoseOfUniverse / @gices
Thanks again for your answers

I don't want to labour a point but I felt I must draw your attention to this recent statement of the Ministry of Industry and Trade(2015)

Copy pasted relevant section:

"Moreover, the public is also informed that as from 02 June 2015, the
items listed below will no longer be prohibited for importation:
(1) “Roll your own cigarettes” papers imported under H.S Code 48.13
(2) Rolling machines, other than rolling machines of industrial types,
used to manufacture cigarettes"

You can read the full article here:

And the ammanded legislation in full here:

So it is my understanding Cigarette Papers are now legal to possess
But as you both have stated Loose Tobacco is illegal to purchase in Mauritius, whereas Tourist can bring in duty free allowance:

Traveller must be aged 18 years and over to qualify for alcohol and tobacco allowances.
Rs. 10,000 (aged 12 years and over)
Rs. 5,000 (under 12 years)
1 litre of spirits and 2 litres of wine or beer and 250 grams of tobacco products. (note tobacco PRODUCTS)

However I have also learnt in my web surfing that tobacco and charcoals and water pipes "Shisha" are available to buy in Mauritius - and that there are least 2 Shisha cafes located in Flic en Flac and Grand Bay respectively.

So all in all typically confusing :)

I'm off now to buy papers in my local supermarket and tobacco in the Shisha shop........

RoseOfUniverse 22 Nov 2016

I've updated my answer with more information regarding the regulations.

gices 22 Nov 2016

@huggy I'd trust the government website more than a news site.

@RoseOfUniverse can you update your answer with this information so that people can find it quicker rather than going through all the comments? Thanks.