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Is it worth going to InfoTech 2013 this year?

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sphinx 22 Nov 2013

Last year, it wasn't so great. What about this year?


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Muzzammil 22 Nov 2013

I wouldn't suggest that, im not waiting fr reviews since i really know infotech is becoming much more like a market place nowadays. Infotech should had been in the sense that teach people about technologieswhich we are not aware of, by that i would mean google glasses, SOme linux stuffs, Java, how many people actually know how to write a program nowadays? I used to love infotech some years back but lately, according to my opinion, you see big cellphone companies taking big stalls to make marketing of their phones and services, seriously, this is not IT according to me. Gaming zone of last year was totally a dissapointment, it was gaming zone with mobile phones, When i actually went for that i was like W** is this? is this serious technology? We are lacking behind both in hardware, softwares and the real internet.

I would had loved if you were to get the chance of trying fibre optics technology there.

I would had loved if you were given the chance of trying a 60 MBPS internet connection and a sample of download .

I would had loved to see motherboard like ASUS SABERTOOTH OR ASUS MAXIMUS FORMULA or even the MSI MPOWER MAX being displayed with water cooling systems, thats what technology is, but showing stuffs people already know is not worth it.

I would had loved to see a high level of GPS, that is bringing GPS to a whole new level with buildings completely shown to an accuracy of 100% 3D ,not the ones on google maps where only 6-7 buildings of mauritius can be seen in such forms.

  • google glasses should had been introduced.
    -COmpanies like google should had been invited to mauritius to provide us with better services such as application for google wallet etc.

  • But the fact remains that infotech is much a market place.

  • A place to get new laptops , new cellphones, television !!! seriously.

  • I would also like to see websites being hosted on professional mauritian servers.

  • New ISP's , New companies, Stop with the old ones , seriously !!!!!

ANyway, this is what tech is in mauritius

don't go, you gonna regret that time,

but if you do....

they have good food in the foodcourt


gices 22 Nov 2013

I'd love to try the Google Glasses :P

Muzzammil 24 Nov 2013

Wished it was available here :P
Anyway ;)

Zeroun 29 Nov 2013

I would go there to say Hostess - Bon Jour !


gices 22 Nov 2013

Honestly, no.

I went there 2 years ago and I wasn't impressed at all. I thought I would get to see the latest gadgets, new technology and all that but it's nothing like that. The following year, I skipped it altogether and those who went were disappointed. This year, it's the same old story, so do something else with your time :)