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MikeSin 07 Aug 2013

Does anyone know of shop that sells paper shredding machines in Mauritius?


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mistermaster 18 Aug 2013

There's this art store in Bagatelle which has them - next to intermart

Raakesh-Kumar_Ramawta 20 Oct 2013

Go to Mimosa Ltd Remy Ollier Port Louis

MikeSin 21 Oct 2013


gices 07 Aug 2013

Le Cygne library does it but on pre-order. It will cost Rs4800 and you'll be able to get it within a week. The brand is Rexel but they couldn't tell me which model number it was although the lady I spoke to said it was a small machine.

I'm sure there's a cheaper version I've seen either in Super-U/Jumbo/Shoprite or at a local stationary shop. I'll have to check that though. What's your budget anyway?

MikeSin 07 Aug 2013

Price/budget no problem, just looking for a medium usage one.