Where can I get plant rooting hormone?

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yonne 07 Feb 2012
I want to grow some plants, I need some plant rooting hormone for that like auxin, does anyone know where I can get that?


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gices 10 Feb 2012
You can get it from Espace Maison et Jardin at ShopRite in Trianon. It's called Dynaroot and it's a rooting hormone powder. It costs Rs53 and is much cheaper than what you will get at Mr Bricolage.
They also sell fertilizers and composting material along with seeds for flowers and vegetables. You can also get plants there but the prices are a bit steep. A coriander costs something like Rs45 while spring onion is Rs35. Might be better to grow it yourself.
Khush_Mendossa 11 Feb 2012
RPH is not reliable.
Without RPH you just have to put the plant in a plastic bag and leave in a warm bright spot (not directly in sunshine) for a few weeks. Trust me I've been gardening for years! You just have to enclose the plant until it roots.