Ki diference ena entre "loan" ek "loan out" en anglais?

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anonymous_4 25 Aug 2011
eski dir equipments that a company "loan" ousoi "loan out"?


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gices 25 Aug 2011
Equipment that a company loan out...

Mo penser to servi loan out dan sa kontex la pu montrer ki ekipman la pu bizin ranne kompanyer la apre.
Sagitarius 25 Aug 2011
Loan se prete, pret larzan,l'ekipman, materio,etc. Loan out se pret enn servis, enn talan. Li pa consern bann zafer me bann dimun. Kuma bann futborler, santer, danser, etc ki capav pas par enn azan pu 'loan out' zot bann servis.

Par examp, enn santer apel Zoli Lavwa, capav fond enn companyi apel Azans Zolav, ki li dirize li mem. Si ou anvi fer enn conser,ou contacte Mr Zoli Lavwa, Directer Azans Zolav ki pu loan out santer Zoli Lavwa ar ou.