Historical sites of Mauritius

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gices 31 May 2011
Where are the historical sites located in Mauritius? And what's there to see?

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yonne 02 Jun 2011
There are loads of them; Citadel in Port Louis which is the fort the British used in the past to inform them of incoming enemies; Le Morne Cultural heritage as declared by the UNESCO, a mountain in the south where slaves used to jump off to evade police officers; Flat Island, used as quarantine section; Appravasi Ghat where the first immigrants descended; Martello Towers, there is one at La Preneuse; Ile de la Passe, Donjon St Louis, a number of sugar mills, lighthouses, old houses, cemeteries and religious places.
Sagitarius 11 Jun 2011
A little precision, if you don't mind, about the Le Morne: runaway slaves used to seek shelter on this flat-top mountain. A number of them lived there for several years. When slavery was abolished, the officer who was sent to give them the good news, took along a strong military detachment. The maroon community, when they realized that the troop was determined to climb all the way to the top, thought the soldiers were there to take them back into slavery and preferred to take a vertiginous jump to freedom.