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Cash & Carry Mauritius

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anonymous_4 16 Aug 2014

They sell consumer electronics such as computers, laptops, ipads, mobile phones, tablets, digital camera and household appliances such as washing machines, fridge, microwave, TVs and have branches all over the island.

Address Medine Mews Chaussée Street Port Louis

Tel : 212-5715

What are your experiences with them?


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hydroconstructions 31 Jan 2016

Disgusting service from aftersales. No report for any repairs done and product not repaired at all. Despite having left in for 1 month. 30 month warranty. But broke down under 2 month. Still no repairs report available. Cheep company

devianeeappanah 06 Jan 2015

My camera is at cash and carry to be repaired since 6 months. Lol. Zot service apres vente faire gagne riyer. Service apres vente mari dans bez la bas. Pense bien avant ou al aster kit chose la bas. Am regreting already.

gices 16 Aug 2014

Over the Christmas period (2011), my fridge broke down and since it is very hot in Mauritius, a fridge becomes a necessity. After much looking around, I decided to go to Cash & Carry in Port-Louis to get the HiSense Fridge costing around Rs6400. It’s just a small fridge which would be sufficient for me. I went to the shop in La Chausee Street and asked the salesman what gift I would get as I remember seeing a promotion where you’d get a free gift when buying a fridge from Cash & Carry but the salesman said there was none. He told me that they were giving away gifts (sport watches) only for TVs. I argued with the salesman and another salesgirl who heard the conservation said to her colleague that I was right and it’s all over the newspaper that there are gifts for fridges but the salesman wouldn't agree and said that it was a marketing plot that they do every year to get people to buy from them. I was quite deceived and decided to see if the sales people at the Cash & Carry at Sir William Newton Street would tell me the same thing.

Once there, I spoke to a guy named Arnaud and he told me that I would get a gift. It wouldn't be anything worthwhile really but I was pleased that they were willing to honour their marketing campaign. My main worry with the purchase was that I needed the fridge pretty much straight away and I said the guy if there was a chance that I could get it delivered the same day and he said NO. I added that I was willing to pay extra just for the sake of having it by the end of today but he insisted that it was not possible and said that it would be delivered tomorrow after 5pm without fail. I agreed to go ahead with it and made my way to the cashier where I asked once more whether it would definitely be delivered the following day and the cashier told me to ask the salesman which I did once again and he confirmed it and said that because it was the festive season, it wouldn't be done today but without doubt tomorrow. I made the payment by cash and just before I left, I remembered I wasn't given any gifts and had to ask the salesman for my gift. I find it very strange that they don’t give you your gift straight away but only upon request. I know it’s a cheap gift but they should really be giving it out to people with each purchase as this is what was advertised in the newspaper.

The following day, at 5.30pm, I made a call to Cash & Carry to find out when they were going to deliver my fridge. To my utter dismay, the salesman who I dealt with told me that the delivery people were lagging behind with their schedule and they can only deliver my fridge the following day now. I was quite angry and told him that the previous day he told me I would get my fridge today and now he was messing me around but he said it’s not upto him and I had to wait. I try to reason with him but he hung up on me. He’s already got my money so there was no need to be polite anymore I suppose...

The day after, I kept waiting for them to come with my fridge after 5pm and I was just about to give up when I got a call informing me that they were coming in 10 mins time and that was around 8pm. I found out later that they do deliveries till late at night and to me after 9pm is really a joke. Anyway, 2 guys brought the fridge up in my flat which was on the second floor and told me that I couldn't use the fridge for 4 hours. Great I said!

I read through the manual that came with the fridge and saw that the manufacturers had a warning about not tilting the fridge more than 45 degrees as that could damage the fridge. Well guess what, the delivery guys had the fridge tilted 180 degrees so that they could carry it easily...