About Us

Why the name Clever Dodo

Well the dodo holds significant value for us Mauritians and we'd like to think of our community members as a bunch of clever people who are sharing their knowledge and helping others.

Some Important Dates

Apr 2011 - Launched beta version of the site in Mauritius (cleverdodo.mu)

Feb 2016 - Launched another version of the site but aimed at british citizens (cleverdodo.co.uk)

Jan 2019 - Merged .mu and .co.uk site together to create a bigger community (cleverdodo.com)

Our History

Clever Dodo was born due to the lack of information on Mauritius and it started as a Q&A website to help tourists, expats and mauritians find accurate answers to their questions in a timely manner. The aim was to make information more accessible.

Since most things in the country are not documented, if you need to know about a specific procedure (eg how to tax your car), you'll have to ask friends and relatives who might have gone through this experience or hope they know someone else who can help. For those who do not have such acquaintances, it can be very frustrating and discouraging. However with the support of our contributors, we have been able to tackle many subjects and look forward to helping more people in the years to come.