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Launch of the Clever Dodo Real Time Chat for Mauritians Around the World

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gices 22 Nov 2014

Perhaps what motivated me more to have a live chat app on Clever Dodo is the fact that I think it would be nice to get in touch with other Mauritians in the UK. My view is shared by friends I have abroad as well and I believe it will be helpful for those going to study/work in a foreign country. Put it this way, if you're Mauritian, you need to join us :)

Oh I hear you say we have Facebook chat but unless you're friends with someone, you cannot talk to them. So I think having an open chatroom to regroup all fellow Mauritians is better.

I've gone in more detail about the features of the chat app and the benefits for everyone on the Clever Dodo Chat site, so check it out and let me know what you guys think of it.

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RoseOfUniverse 26 Jan 2016

Honestly, Having spending nearly 1 year at the chatroom, I have learned a lot. I have had awesome time as well as bad experience. Ideally, before it was implemented I would have thought it is an awesome idea, now I am not so sure. Comparing grooveshark to clever dodo, the thing is people don't care if you have a life there or not..we had our bad moment also but it was still awesome because we keep it light, + people arent really that intrusive as asking personal contacts and so on or feel irritate by it or whatevers, It has take us a months before sharing personal information.(honestly it was better that way) We weren't that judgmental to the point of mocking someone way of living , we just didn't care. Honestly, right now I have come with some few ideas of my own... You remember , everytime someone new would come to the chatroom, they would ask for facebook name or something. Well, I have been thinking instead of having the chatroom, why dont you create a system which allow you to "private message" someone, it is easier this way, if someone want to share some personal thing or not with you ,it will be solely on them,To improve the system and for people to not troll around and send abusive text, You could allow this for a level 2 (at the same time, You will have an idea of how the current person is through comments and so on before getting personal)
Thank for reading this and I would appreciate your reply