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Weddings in Mauritius

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There is a growing trend on marrying abroad lately and this seems to have increased since the recession. Weddings abroad not only cost less but you can combine it with your honeymoon; you are also sure to have better predictable weather as well. Mauritius in the Indian Ocean has been a favourite wedding destination for years and since popularity has soared, so have the options and locations for venues. Getting married in Mauritius Getting married on the beautiful island of Mauritius is truly unforgettable not only because have you a wide range of places for the venue but the service and organisation is impeccable on top of that. Here are some of the options you could consider if you want to marry in Mauritius: Marrying on an islet Mauritius has many small islets scattered off the coast and they are just as beautiful but more private and secluded. You could even rent the island for a day so you can be sure to enjoy your special day for even longer and in the most absolute privacy at all. Marrying at a tourist attractionCasela now cater for weddings and with an unbeatable view and exotic animals surrounding you, this will soon be a popular choice for many marriage ceremonies. On a boat – how about chartering your own boat for the day and have your ceremony in the middle of the ocean? Mauritius has a fantastic ocean surrounding it, so take advantage and savour the moment. On the beach there is a beach for everyone in Mauritius, so take your pick and marry on the soft white sands with the sound of the waves lapping in the background. Wedding packages in Mauritius can also include photography and filming but if you want a wedding on a budget, there are many things you can do to bring the cost down. Family and friends can fly to Mauritius too but stay in a different hotel than yours so you can then enjoy your honeymoon alone. If you book a large wedding party, you can get a discount on hotel accommodation so don’t worry as there is a wedding plan for all budgets. Cost of wedding in Mauritius Having looked at all the different options there are to consider when getting married, the cheapest wedding package can be found for under £500. A luxurious beach wedding in Mauritius can cost as little as £1,200 including wedding cake, photographer, flowers, decoration and marriage certificate. The average price of a wedding in Mauritius including hotel should be no more than £5,000 as the honeymoon suite at a luxury hotel is likely to cost more than the wedding package itself. With average UK wedding Mauritius weddingcosting in excess of £15,000, it's clear to see how much money you could save by combining your wedding and honeymoon together. Why should you have your wedding in Mauritius? As you probably know, in the Asian culture weddings are a lavish affair and all detail is planned meticulously. Mauritians take pride in showing off their skills so you can be sure you will receive first class service. The food, the decorating and the organisers work hard to make people’s dreams come true as local people on the island regularly enjoy the natural beauty of the island, they want all visitors that visit the island to come time and time again by making your stay extremely pleasant.

Peaches Published 08 Aug 2010


Hi, my partner and i have decided to get married in Mauritius on 14th Feb 2013. Our guests (around 14 adults and 13 children) would like to stay all inclusive for 2 weeks. We live in Scotland and are looking for a very nice and cost effective Wedding. Please can you email me back with some options and costs? Thank you.
mshanziweyahoocom 19 Dec 2012
hellow,i would like to get married in maurituis...around october 2013 and im from zambia,inviting people of atlist 50.would like to know how the packages are in that range and a whole set up..would love to spend an entire weekend,from friday to sunday.please email me.thanx
ps609946gmailcom 02 Jul 2014
Hi,we also have plan of marriage during our honeymoon(from India). We wouldn't be inviting anyone. May I have the details including photography,flowers and decoration. Thanks
Hi Priyanka,saw your post about getting married in mauritius for just the two of you during your honeymoon,I and my future wife are also planning to do as you did(just the two of us) and would be very grateful for advice and tips as to how you eventually managed this as we are on a tight budget,thank you in anticipation